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Camelids, Small Ruminants & Pot-bellied Pigs


Camelids, Small Ruminants & Pot-bellied Pigs

Tryon Equine Hospital is excited to provide quality care to our camelid, small ruminant, and pot-bellied pig patients. Camelids are different from horses and other ruminant species- their anatomy is different; they have different nutritional needs, different husbandry requirements and different medical needs. Camelids have been a growing industry in the last 10 years. The industry focuses on breeding and genetics, fiber quality and sale, showing for conformation, fiber attributes and even agility competitions! Even though we are an equine hospital, we are happy to treat our alpaca, llama, sheep and goat patients. At Tryon Equine Hospital, we are proud to offer many services that our camelid and small ruminant patients may need. Below is a list of services offered:


Castrations of males with both testicles descended - Pets, non-breeding males.

Diagnostic Services

We have both digital ultrasound and digital radiology available for your needs.

Herd Health Management

Herd health management is the basis of success of any livestock operation. Herd health encompasses parasite control, husbandry practices, nutritional consultation and guidance as well as the development of vaccination and deworming protocols specific to each farm.

Internal Medicine

Many of the issues that camelid and small ruminant owners are faced with fall into this category. Internal medicine encompasses ophthalmic problems, skin problems, respiratory disease, gastrointestinal disease and metabolic diseases. Severe conditions may require hospitalization and we are always happy to admit these patients to our facility for more intensive care.

Laboratory Services

We are very fortunate to be able to run a variety of laboratory tests in house; this allows us to have results in a timely fashion and formulate treatment plans immediately. Laboratory tests available on site include IgG, CBC, PCV/TP, Serum chemistry profiles, cultures and sensitivities, cytology as well as fecal analysis.

Musculoskeletal Evaluations/Lameness

Pre-purchase examinations, lameness evaluations and management of acute injuries.

Neonatal Medicine

The peripartum period is a challenging period for our camelid neonates. It is recommended that they have a full physical examination within 24 hours of birth as well as basic bloodwork including an IgG. IgG measures the immunity that was acquired by the cria from nursing colostrum. At times this number is inadequate (partial or complete failure of passive transfer) and crias require a transfusion of hyperimmunized plasma to ensure that they have good immunity and can fend off possible infections. Neonates in general are susceptible to disease conditions such as pneumonia and diarrhea which need to be treated aggressively. We are happy to admit crias and adults alike in the hospital for cases requiring intensive care.

Regulatory Examinations & Testing

- Health certificates
- Tuberculosis
- Brucellosis
- Blue Tongue testing

Reproductive Services

Reproductive services range from examination of females prior to breeding as well as management of the hard to breed female. Pregnancies can be followed from time of breeding to parturition. Camelids, small ruminants, pot-bellied and pet pigs can have difficult deliveries and prompt attention is imperative to increase the chances of cria/kid/lamb and dam survival.


We are proud to treat our alpaca, llama, small ruminant (sheep and goat), pot-bellied and pet pig patients with the same quality of care that we provide our equine patients!