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A Case of a Pig’s Missing Ham


A Case of a Pig’s Missing Ham

Emilie Setlakwe, DVM, MSc, ACVIM-LA from Tryon Equine Hospital in Tryon, NC.

Mishau is a two year old female, pot-belly pig that belongs to a non-profit rescue organization called Pet Tender Angels Rescue and Rehabilitation. She co-habits with another pig, Humphery and with approximately 50 rescue dogs. Normally, Mishau and the dogs are good pals and get along, however, on an unfortunate day, two of these rescue dogs decided that she was no longer a pal, but a good piece of ham.

So upon knowing that Tryon Equine Hospital would now also accept pig patients, the owner of the rescue, Laurie Jewell, decided to bring her to see Dr. Emilie Setlakwe, a board-certified internist who recently joined Tryon Equine Hospital.

When Mishau came in, she had severe injuries to both hind limbs with the worst injuries to his left hind limb, where half of the thigh muscle was missing and had been replaced by infected and dead tissue. However, Mishau still appeared bright, and enthusiastic for food. Mishau was heavily sedated, to allow evaluation of the wounds.  The wounds were surgically debrided while Mishau was heavily sedated by the veterinary team consisting of Surgeon Dr. Lindsey Boone and Internal medicine specialist Dr. Emilie Setlakwe.


Mishau then stayed in hospital for several days, for continued wound care and bandaging. She was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories as well. The doctors at Tryon Equine also brought Mishau lots of pig treats during her stay including watermelon, baby food, and prunes that they bought specifically for the little angel. Mishau particularly liked Dr. Setlakwe when she visited her with carrot-flavored baby food, her favorite.

After staying several days in the hospital, Mishau was discharged to their owner’s care. Dr Setlakwe continued to visit the pig at her home, to continue changing the bandages and ensure that the wounds were healing well. Mishau made a full recovery over a period of two weeks and is now back to her normal inquisitive self.

Pet Tender Angels Rescue and Rehabilitation in Landrum, SC that provides rescue and rehabilitation for homeless animals, focusing on feral, stray, abandoned, and special needs dogs. Learn more about the animals currently available for adoption and ways you can help through sponsoring, donations, or volunteering on their website at