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Equine Blood Donor Information


Equine Blood Donor Information

Want your horse to be a hero?  Now is your chance.  Tryon Equine Hospital is looking to expand our blood donor list.  Just like in people, horses can have emergencies where they need a blood transfusion to save their life.  Since there are no blood banks for horses like there are for people, Tryon Equine is asking for volunteers.

Ideal characteristics for our blood donors are:

  • Young (4-15 years old)
  • Healthy
  • Quarter Horse Geldings

Should an equine emergency occur and blood is needed, your horse could be chosen to be a lifesaver.  You will be notified and a doctor will come out to your farm and draw blood from your horse to ensure he is a match to the horse in need.  If your horse is a match, a doctor will return to collect blood from your horse for a donation.  Donation is relatively quick and painless and only requires the placement of an IV catheter.  Don't worry, we would only be taking about 10% of your horses total blood supply, which they quickly replenish.  You and your horse can be a vital part of saving another horse's life. Email us if you think your horse would be a good candidate and we'll be happy to add you to our list.